Property Finder Information

Any person, acting individually or on behalf of a business entity, that charges a fee to locate unclaimed property for another, must register annually with the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer and follow all requirements of General Statute 116B-78. Beginning January 1, 2022, property finders must also be licensed with the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board as a private investigator – General Statute 116B-78.1.

Please see below a listing of property finders currently registered with North Carolina.

2024 Registered Property Finders


For full details concerning 2024 registration and the requirements surrounding General Statute 116B-78 and 116B-78.1, please refer to the Property Finder Registration Packet below. The Appeal Process for Property Finder Registration Denial or Suspension is also listed below.

2024 Property Finder Registration Packet

Appeal Process for Registration Denial or Suspension


To potentially obtain a claim ID number, Property Finder must complete a Finder Claim Number Request Form and forward the request to

Property Finder Registration Forms may be securely uploaded to the link below using the Finder's Tax ID or SSN and their email address. Claim documents should not be uploaded using this link.