During their annual review of finances, holders should perform a classification of all properties held.  Property is presumed abandoned if the owner has not communicated with the holder or indicated an interest in the property within its dormancy holding period. The holding periods for the various property types are defined in N.C.G.S. § 116B-53(c) and are listed on the Business and Organization NAUPA Class Codes and Dormancy Period Chart.  IMPORTANT – Governmental Organizations have a 1 year dormancy period for ALL property types as shown on the Governmental NAUPA Class Codes and Dormancy Period Chart.

Reference the Conversion Tables to determine the reporting due date for each type of unclaimed property.  The property’s dormancy period, as determined from the Class Codes and Dormancy Periods Chart, corresponds with the “x-year property” section of the Conversion Table.

Business and Organization Conversion Table

Life Insurance Conversion Table

Governmental Conversion Table


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