IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding N.C.G.S. § 116B-60

Effective July 1,2021, all reports must be prepared electronically per N.C.G.S. § 116B-60. Paper reports are no longer accepted.

Holders may Upload a Report,created in the NAUPA format, or Enter a Manual Online Report, upon registering at

Various holder reporting software products are available to assist with creating a NAUPA file.  These can be identified by searching the internet for ‘Unclaimed Property Reporting Software’. If creating a NAUPA file, the following must apply:

  • File must conform to the NC Electronic File Format Requirements
  • File extension must be .txt, .hrs, or .rpt
  • Record lengths do not exceed 625+ CR/LF bytes
  • File size not to exceed 250 MB
  • The first character of the file is the numeral ‘1’
  • The last record of the file starts with the numeral ‘9’
  • The file contains no control or high-level characters

If submitting a manual report, please reference the Manual Online Reporting Instructions for assistance.

Reporting Tips

  • When preparing your report, ensure that the proper NAUPA class code and owner relationship code fields are properly completed to assist in returning property to the rightful owner. These codes can be found in our Reporting Library.
  • Holders are required to include in their report the full name, last known address, social security number (SSN) or federal tax identification number (FEIN), date of birth, driver’s license number and state of issuance, and email address for each owner, if known.
  • Only valid SSNs or FEINs should be entered in the SSN/FEIN field. Do not populate this field with zeros, dashes, account numbers, employer ids, etc.
  • If the property owner is a business, such property must be indicated as such in the report. If preparing a NAUPA file, “C” should be entered in the property name id field to identify the named owner as a business. If utilizing vendor software, enter the business indicator as instructed by the vendor to identify the named owner as a business.  If preparing a manual online report, check the box that indicates “this is a business” after entering in the business name.
  • Fees cannot be assessed unless there is an enforceable contract with the owner or authorized by statute and is not regularly reversed or otherwise cancelled.
  • Holders are encouraged to report all properties individually, regardless of the amount, to assist in returning all property amounts to the rightful owner.
  • See Holder FAQ's for answers to commonly asked questions.

Property Due Other States

In most cases, unclaimed property should be reported to the state of the last known address of the owner (entitled state). Certain types of property such as traveler’s checks and money orders are reported to the state in which they were purchased. In a situation where the owner’s address is unknown or a foreign address, the property is due to the state where the holder is incorporated. While North Carolina has reciprocal and exchange agreements with some states, holders are encouraged to ONLY report to North Carolina those properties for which it is entitled or incidental property. Incidental property is 10 or fewer properties totaling $1,000 or less that are entitled to a state other than North Carolina. Please contact the entitled state to confirm reciprocity practices of the entitled state prior to reporting the property to North Carolina.

NOTE: Any property owed to owners with a last known address in California must be reported directly to California regardless of the value or number of items.

Negative Reports

Holders are not required to file a Negative Report if they have no unclaimed property to report. However, holders must be mindful that the absence of a filed report (negative or positive) leaves a "hole" in their filing history. If during subsequent reviews, unclaimed property is found to have been reportable during that period, the five-year statute of limitations provisions would not apply to that period.

To file a negative report: Access Upload a Report, enter holder, report type, and report year information, and select "Yes" in the Negative Report button.  

Reporting Securities

Please follow the registration instructions for remitting and reporting securities detailed in Reporting, Registering, and Transfer Instructions for Securities.

Reporting Tangible Property

Please follow the instructions detailed in Reporting Tangible Property.

Need to File an Extension

Extensions may be granted for good cause, according to N.C.G.S. § 116B-60(e). Holder must complete an Extension Request Form prior to April 1 for all Life Insurance Holders, and prior to October 1 for all other holders, providing the name and tax ID for each holder requesting an extension. An estimated payment should be submitted for each Holder requesting an extension.

Past Due Property

The Voluntary Disclosure Program is available to holders that are not currently in compliance with North Carolina Unclaimed Property laws.


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