Deadline for most companies to file their unclaimed property reports is November 1. Due to volume of reports received at this time of year, please allow at least 90 days for newly reported property to be properly recorded in database. Click on "Search Now" below at any time to see if the Department is holding property associated with your name.

Are you owed any of the $1.02 billion in the unclaimed property fund? Click below and find out!

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Treasurer Folwell talks about how we are returning money through the NCCash Match Program

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NCCash Claims

Claims are processed in the order they are received. Normal processing time is approximately 90 days. Once your claim is assigned to a processor, they will contact you if any additional information or documents are needed. You will be notified via email if/when your claim is approved for payment. You may check the progress of your claim by clicking on the "Claim Status" block below.

NCCash Match

NCCash Match is the Department of State Treasurer's program designed to make it easier for unclaimed property owners to receive their money.

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Money Returned to People Like You from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022